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Buying a house - is a very sensitive and emotional issue. It is a big   decision, a substantial investment and a serious commitment. You need to collect a lot of information, look at numerous houses before you select one. But what is it to start with?

We are professional licensed and insured Home Inspectors with extensive architectural and engineering background, available for pre-purchase and sale inspections, consultations for buyers, owners and investors, and more. We will thoroughly evaluate the conditions of the house you selected, give you all the information necessary to make the final decision. We will explain how properly and efficiently to maintain the property and deal with it later on as well, answer all your questions and educate you about your future home or investment property. All this will help you to support the negotiations and allow all the parties to get to a desirable agreement and piece of mind.

ANGAHOM, Inc. is a group of architects and engineers in practice. We combine our experience with professional inspections of residential homes and buildings. Our inspections are highly professional and thorough; our inspectors are courteous, attentive to the client’s requirements and time schedule. Our company is totally independent and dedicated to the chosen field and to our clients. We are qualified, experienced and competent, we value our credibility and will not compromise our integrity. We carry errors and omissions liability insurance to protect our client.

ANGAHOM - Professional Building and Home Inspections

ANGAHOM, Inc. buildings and home inspections– is a group of licensed and insured home inspectors who all have a professional architectural and engineering background. Our unique approach to this industry allows us to provide maximum independent, unbiased feedback to our clients regarding potential problem areas and their solutions.

Our primary goal is to protect your investment, deliver professional, courteous and timely service. You need to have a complete understanding of your new home before the closing. Our job is not only to uncover existing and potential problems in the house or building, address those problems, but also to deliver maximum information about our findings, offer the solutions and alternatives.

The level of professionalism, in-depth quality of our inspections and reports support the negotiations with the seller, which definitely gives the advantage to all the parties and allows the parties to arrive to the best possible agreement.


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